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Sweet, sweet, Atari Love...

I'm a huge GEEK. I'll admit that till the day I die. But I also like to get a little handy when I got access to tools. Unfortunately, I don't have an awesome collection yet, but it's projects like these that make me wish I could go on a shopping spree at the local Home Depot.

If you kids haven't been to Instructables.com by now then you are missing out BIG TIME. There are so many RAD projects to tackle on there. I'm a huge fan of the TETRIS shelves that someone posted a while ago, and have recently been impressed with this ATARI lamp:

Eyah, I know what you are thinking. "Wow, that's hot." "Such a huge joystick!" "That's what she said..." etc. Beauty, art, geek and chic all rolled into one. :P Stop dilly dallying and head on over to Instructables.com and make yourself useful!

(Hit the jump for more pictures too.)


SpankyStokes said...

Awesome...make me one ;-)

The Kaiser Chief said...

Eyah, I know. It's awesome. All someone needs to do is make it so it can plug into the TV! :P

Anonymous said...

I may actually attempt one this summer. Two, if the first one is successful.