The Skulloctopus from Outer Space

The Skulloctopus from Outer Space
by Bob Conge

Bob Conge's
new figure for PLASEEBO, the "Skulloctopus from Outer Space/ICE version-1", will be released as a NEW YORK COMIC CON Exclusive available at The "Go Hero" booth #956 February 6 thru 8, 2009. This is a signed Ultra Limited (10 pieces world wide) hand cast clear urethane edition with cobalt blue glass eye inserts and a new switched internal battery operated color changing LED unit that projects the colors up through the clear head and body. 3"H X 2.5"W X 3"L $120 each.

Here is some more info on this awesome creation:
The "Skulloctopus from Outer Space" is amenacingbio-mechanical creature that was created by the on board computer of a space craft from a secret 1960's Soviet manned Mars mission that lost communication just before landing on the red planet.

With no way back to Earth and a limited amount of food and water, the on board computer seeks a way to survive the death of the crew and gain mobility. Using its robotic arms the computer builds the "Skulloctopus" by joining the skull and brain of one of the cosmonauts with the tentacle legs of a creature that the crew had collected from beneath the surface of Mars. Then by incorporating parts of the landing crafts systems and downloading all of its data and programs, the on-board computer becomes the self sufficient solar powered mobil brain called "Skulloctopus". The prime directive of this other world Frankenstein is to find a way to return to Earth.

Also there is something more to note. Although this figure may sound a bit grizzly, from what Bob says, wait till you see the other visitors on Mars that this Skulloctopus has to battle with this coming Spring...looking forward to more "MIND GLOWING" action!

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