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Patrick Francisco is at it again...

...and this time he is giving away a FREE Custom Painted Dunny. For those of you living on the East Cost and more specifically in NYC...this is for you! Patrick Says "I am full of idiotic ideas and this has to be my dumbest yet. Inside this little black box is a Dunny I painted and giving away for FREE to the person that finds it - it's not hard, I'll tell you where it is...On this beam in the Union Square station is a black panel. Behind this panel is the boxed Dunny attached by Velcro. Get it, it's yours. Go take a break from work. Go between classes. Go do something dumb. Get a free dunny!"

Make sure to visit his SITE, and if you are the lucky one send him the pics if you find it. Also to note, if this turns out to be not as idiotic Patrick thinks it will be, then he might just do it again next month. This is awesome Patrick...what a great idea, maybe next time you can leave clues almost like on survivor when they are searching for the immunity idol!

found the Dunny with some help from @jkaz ... @spankystokes @... on TwitPic
"Winner, Winner, Dunny Dinner"
Congrats to Chris Macowski for being the first of hopefully
many winners from PF's sweet hidden Dunny contests!


Anonymous said...

damn, got there at 3:40 and it was gone =( should do another one

SpankyStokes said...

He will, and I will make sure to post it up!