MonstreHero at NYCC and a little Super7 love!!!

We just got word from Sean of Monstre Hero letting us know that they will be beating the floors at NYCC this year where they will be debuting two new sculpts; Victim #2 and Intergaladiator!

Some info from Super7:
The Super7 x Monstre Hero Victim is a limited-edition resin figure showing a side of the giant monster equation we rarely see. Each victim figure is a poor bystander who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or maybe its the right place at the right time?) and has been engulfed in flames. The victims are lovingly hand-cast in clear orange resin with black splotches and gold spray with a translucent blue flame, also with gold spray accents. The Super7 x Monstre Hero Victims will be available for saving at $100, February 7th at the Super7 Store and online.

He also tells us that they will have a small amount of each, along with a sampling of our other figures from the past year, and that they won't have a booth, but will be around sporting some MONSTREGEAR and hopefully recognizable. People can email then at info@monstrehero.com for more info. Also, to top off the other goodness they have a special collaboration with SUPER7 coming out Feb. 7, and this will probably be one of the last Victim #1s for awhile, so people should jump on it if they want one.

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