Molly Ballmer - A Ball-Joint Art

Once upon a christmas, Molly was painting at home as usual. Suddenly, she saw something staring at her from a distance, it looked like Santa and snowman cross between, Molly went out and tried to talk to him but he’s no where to be found, only a faint ”BALLMER~ BALLMER~” sound can be heard. Molly remembers the special feeling this shy friend left in her mind and then drew this image from her memory so that she can see this special friend on all the coming Christmas. She called this painting "Molly Ballmer"!!

Molly Ballmer
Released Date – Feb 2009
Size – 13” (inch)
Materiel – Vinyl
Suggested Retail Price – $62 USD

Ballmer is brought to you by G999 and is created by Patrick Chow, the renowned Ball-joint doll artist from Hong Kong. Ballmer is an unique creation which is different from the vinyl world and is made by traditional handcraft skill and connected by hooks and rubber strings.

Molly is designed by Kenny Wong from Kennyswork & Kenny is a member of Brothersfree (Best-known designer toy group). This is a really awesome collectible, the fact that it is unique in nature where instead of traditional articulation, this has the old school ball-joint feature worked into the design...really cool stuff.

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