Me Plush You - a creative plush collaboration

Me Plush You is a Plush toy project by Kat Brunnegraff and Chelsea Rae Bloxsom. Every Friday at Midnight, Chelsea and Kat release a mini series of new plush toys for your buying pleasure.

Chelsea is bringing out the big guns with her kick ass Yeti designs and Kat is putting the smack down with her Night Owls. The Project was launched on 01/09/09 and the coming weeks theme is Undead/Zombies. Keep an eye out as every week has a theme and each week it just keeps getting better and better! Some are still for sale, so head on over and pick one up today!

It is really cool to see artists getting so involved with their projects that they are having releases every week...talk about keeping themselves busy...and all their loyal followers involved int the whole process. Great job ladies, and I am looking forward to seeing what other future projects you both come up with.

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