"Brokenhearted" by Daniel Elson @ Rivet

by Daniel Elson @ Rivet

Rivet presents "Brokenhearted" a solo show featuring paintings and wooden sculpture work by Daniel Elson. Having an inexplicable distaste for the commercial and trite autobiographical verbiage, where the author continually refers to the subject as though they're different entities, that are self promoting at best and self-deprecating at worst, withstanding, it is as such: Residing in Ohio, Daniel Elson is currently working for Columbus College of Art and Design and as a full-time artist.

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 3 from 7-10pm. Artist will be present at opening reception. Complimentary beverages provided by Magic Hat Brewing Company and Vinyl Requiem.

Exhibition: January 3, 2009 through January 31, 2009
For additional information, please visit Rivet Gallery or call 614-294-8697.

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