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SpankyStokes • DrilOne • Lou Pimentel • Wizard Sleeve Toys • Tenacious Toys - Vinyl Toy Network

Vinyl Toy Network is gonna rock...Saturday is going to be off the hook with Dril doing sketches, and you get to see some of his amazing customs/art, first hand, up close. You also have a shot at winning a custom 3" Dunny by Dril!!!

Also on Sunday non other than Lou Pimentel is going to be at our booth #12 on December 7th from 2pm-4pm to do sketches for all yer pretty black books, and he is also flying out a ton of his custom vinyl and other misc art pieces so you can snatch those up while you are waiting for some sketches.

On top of that we have a ton of Vinyl to giveaway as well...I MEAN A TON...and by a TON I mean "Items above will be given away EVERY 2 HOURS over the course of 2 days" for free, just come buy, grab a raffle ticket, and be there when your ticket is called. Also throughout the course of both days there will be smaller giveaways EVERY HOUR !

Vinyl by Kozik, Coarse Toys, Kathie Olivas, Michael Lau, Buff Monster to name a few of the toys we are giving away! Everyone is gonna go nuts when they see all the vinyl we are giving away, plus we get to meet you!!!!

Huge props to Wizard Sleeve Toys and Tenacious Toys for their generous donations for this show(without them, none of this would be possible), and to Dril and Lou for getting together all this stuff and agreeing to grace us with their presence, it is truly an honor! This is going to awesome! Who knows others artists just might stop by...


krakit said...

Holy Smack-a-Moly ! ! !

All that is going down at your booth?
You're definitely giving people
plenty of reasons to check out
the VTN show. Have fun giving
all those treasures away :D

willow408 said...

dang! i seriously wanna go to VTN this year, but made prior obligations months ago.... I'm glad things are poppin', i'm sure your booth will cause mad traffic jams throughout so cal (or the venue at least). Take tons of pics homie, i gotta see em!