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Pocket Pork Series 2.5 : For the Love of Pork

Pocket Pork Series 2.5 :
For the Love of Pork Blind Bag
by Shawnimals

Some say love is fickle, and it's no different for Porks. The blue Unrequited Pork is sad because the lovely yet mysterious Lovely Pork has the hots for the over-joyed Smitten Pork. Question is: Which Pork will you get? While Lovely Pork will be released later, you have a 70-30 chance of getting either Unrequited or Smitten Pork in this special holiday release. Better still, you get bonus goodies in every blind-bagged pack like buttons and more!

This special blind-bagged holiday pork release will be limited to only 100 pcs (70 Unrequited and 30 Smitten Pork) and will be available at myplasticheartnyc and myplasticheart.com on Wednesday Dec. 10 starting at 1PM EST. Each blind bagged figure will cost $11.99.

Also be sure to check out the Pocket Pork Database to see all the classic Pocket Porks from previous series.

Pocket Pork: Plush never tasted so cute!

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