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Peyton Manning?

I'm usually not really that into football. I know that sounds weird, but I am secure in my manhood and it doesn't bother me to say that. Ha ha. Seriously though, football for me is just fun and food with my family on Sundays. But this year I decided to play Fantasy Football with some friends and family members and have caught myself being way more engaged than I ever have been in the sport. Peyton Manning has annoyed the crap out of me ever since he started being in pretty much every commercial on TV. Anyways, since I'm in the football mood and in the running to win the Fantasy Football pool I need for Christmas money, here's a pretty hilarious SNL video that has helped me gain some more respect for Mr. Manning. Enjoy:

1 comment

idlechimp said...

awesome! Beaming kids in the back is a good time! I can't believe he was OK making this video!