Headphonies - Review

Headphonies Review

Today I am going to do a review of Eran Weinberg's Headphonies. Now seeing as this is my first formal review I am going to try to do my best to inform you as the collector/consumer. I want you to be happy with the product and with that being said I am going to grade this product on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 is the worst, and I will make my evaluations in 4 different categories: Packaging, Quality, Worth, and Design.

First lets start out with a little background information, Headphonies are the brain child of Eran Weinberg who got his education in Graphic design, but Product Design was his true calling since he get to combine all the aspects of creativity. Sketching, model making, 3D design, graphic design, branding, marketing... there is so much more. Then after seeing all the customs in the vinyl toy community, he decided to take a stab at creating one himself.
Packaging 8/10:
The packaging was really cool at first glance. It had open windows so you could see the figure from all angles. It really contained not a whole lot of POP or PIZZAZ, but it is very simple in design, and in my opinion is kinda bland...but that is not always a bad thing. I can see where the artist was going with this because it really draws your attention to the product and not the package. Upon opening the top of the box the tape was hard to get into, and I would suggest maybe other means of securing the top of the box, also the front window kept coming loose in the front right corner, not a big deal at all, just need a better glue/tape job. Something that caught my eye was the little tab on the front of the box that had the artists "tag" and underneath it says limited edition, this really gave it some value in my eyes, I felt all warm inside knowing that these were "special".

Inside was the figure in half a clam shell, secured with a metal twist tie around the neck and the figure was sitting on top of a compartment with all the necessary cables to get going.

Quality 7.5/10:

The quality of this product is pretty good, seeing as it is a "limited collectible" based off the artists designs, and the limited run number. The figure is made out of durable PCV plastic, and it looks like it is made in 2 halves, then attached together somehow, so this makes the figure have a seam all the way around it, except where the headphones cover the seam and I think help with the structural stability of this figure overall. Some parts the paint does not line up but the paint overall is pretty clean and simple, some smudges here and there, but kinda what I expected, not the best paint, but not the worst. It has a much need on/off switch to conserve battery power, and a great little red led light to let you know if it is on or off...very cool!

Worth 9/10:

Now I might be biased because I am a "MAD head" and when I first saw these had some designs by him(MAD) I knew I just had to get them. I did not care if the speakers sounded amazing or not because I figured it would just go into my case and be part of my collection, I just had to have it. Upon further inspection of this, I just had to try the speaker...seeing as that is the "main" reason for these, or they would just be another figure. I plugged it into my ipod, and to my amazement this thing sounded amazing, for such a little speaker. It had the lows, mids, and highs and it could crank pretty loud before the sound started to get distorted. These are retailing for $30 and I would say that since they have a built in speaker, and have a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 4 hours of play time, and they have some great artists backing them up, I would say this is worth the money, especially compared to other toys out there that do nothing, this plays music...and sounds good too!!

Design 8/10:
The design of this figure is pretty ordinary, it looks like alot of the other mini-figures out there, and the designs that were used of the artists seem really similar to alot of their other work. the design of the figure itself is really simple...it stands about 3" tall, it has no articulation, and you can tell has a specific use...to be used as a speaker.

Overall, I really dug this product, very simple yet had a complex nature to is because it is one of the only collectible toys that has a use, and does not just sit in a collection. I really have to say once again that I was truly impressed with the sound this lil guy put out, I am sure if you buy one, which I recommend, you will feel the same way. These would make awesome stocking stuffers for the holiday season, so get on it, and make someone happy.

This product receives an 8.125 overall and is totally recommended.

Also if you would like to find out more about Headphonies, read the interview with Eran or check out the Headphonies website.


Anonymous said...

Great Review Spanky,
Was great to hear your vid on youtube too, really helps.

We can't get em here yet (Australia), so I will have to consider getting screwed by your postal service and exchange rates to get one.

Anyhow, if this is the kinda reviews we can expect, I'm happy.

Keep em comin mate!

The Kaiser Chief said...

Nice! The APE looks coooooool! Sounds like a good deal to me.

ITEM said...

Perfect timing to review this as I was debating on whether or not to get one. You sold me on it and order has been made!

Great review by the way.

SpankyStokes said...

Thanks on all the great comments guys, and hopefully I can do more product reviews in the future!

Anonymous said...

nice! great review. The video is what sold me here.
I am about to buy one now. Didn't think I would find them on ebay since they are sold out everywhere else and limited..

SpankyStokes said...

Awesome glad you dug the review...I have some others in the works, and hopefully I can sway your opinion to buy more toys :-) Thanks for visiting, and please come back!

Anonymous said...

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