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by Manny Galan

There are areas near Pooville of indescribable dark magic. When creatures, such as Dookie-Poo traverse these areas they are unfortunately reduced to mindless, shambling, ominously glowing zombies. Which, with the exception of the glowing, isn't a world of difference where Dookie-Poo is concerned. This was the figure that premiered as at new york comic-con and now is available for anyone to purchase. Only 100 available. Suggested Retail is around $20

Info from the very great, and amazing DKE Toys. For Wholesale Inquiries about this amazing product please contact www.dketoys.com.


Patrick Francisco said...

I want one of these pretty badly. I love the shape and the expression of the face and body.

SpankyStokes said...

NO doubt PF...I really dig this one too...the colors on it are awesome!