I most recently had the opportunity to do an interview with Rober Ingellis aka OsirisOrion! Robert is an amazing customizer with his own unique style that he has just been owning lately, and most recently really stepping up his game with most of his new pieces out there(Those 10" MAD*L's are sweet). Rob is such a great guy and was such a pleasure to interview, so please...enjoy the read!

1. Hey Rob, tell us a little about who you are and where you are from, and also explain the name OsirisOrion.

Hey John, I'm an artist from Southington, Connecticut, I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I'm relatively new to the vinyl toy scene but have been drawing all my life. I use just about anything I can to create art, but lately I have been using corel painter on the pc, paintmarkers, acrylic paint, airbrush and super sculpey along with any vinyl toy or canvas I can get my hands on. Now for the name OsirisOrion, I wish that was an interesting story [laughs] I used to play Star Wars Galaxies back when it was the shit, I just picked the name out of thin air, I liked the way it sounded and decided to keep it as my artist name, because it's way easier to pronounce than my last name.

2. Is there anyone who really inspires you in the vinyl toy and/or art world, and do you have any of their pieces in your personal collection?
Hmmm.. that's a tough one, there's so much great art out there , but I would have to say growing up my top 3 picks would have to be Pablo Picasso, HR Giger, and Sam Kieth! I really love Alex Pardee, Kathie Olivas and Andrew Bell's work and I do own a few vinyl pieces of theirs. Joe Ledbetter is another fav of mine and I also own a few things by him, I've only been collecting vinyl stuff for about a year and I'm hooked. i collect action and anime figures also my apartment looks like a crazy toy store...my fiancee thinks I have a problem [laughs]. I also would like to give mention to all the great "newer" artists out there that I admire like Hans Yim, Kerry Lee ,Brendan Wenberg, Patrick Francisco, Sketchbot, Lou Pimentel, Bill Betsovic, GrimSheep ..there's just so many I think there is enough new talent out there to keep the vinyl scene going for a very long time.

3. What are you currently working on, and what is your favorite platform to work on?
I'm currently working on another custom 10" madl and few dunnys and munnys. I have a bad habit of starting like 10 things at one time, but it keeps me focused in a weird sort of way. I'm really digging the 10" Madl, it's really fun to customize , but I'll work on just about anything especially munnys and dunnys.

4. You have a super distinct style, where did this spur from?
Thanks for the compliment! Honestly, I have been trying to figure that out myself for years [laughs] I think I may be crazy, I never have any set plans or thought pattern when it comes to creating anything art related. Everything I do starts with a scribble and I go from there. It's a double edged sword doing things like that, but it's how I have always created my art.

5. What can we look forward to from you in the future, are you involved in any upcoming vinyl or art shows?
Currently I have 2 customs pieces at APW Gallery in NYC that were in the house of liu custom show ( http://www.apwarts.com/Artworkshouseofliu.html ) and a custom skate deck over at Monkey House Toys & Art Gallery in Los Angeles ( http://www.monkeyhousetoys.com ) . I'm also going to be participating in the next few APW Gallery and Monkey House group shows. I got a possible upcoming custom trade with Patrick Francisco , also trying to put some stuff together for a solo show sometime next year. I'm just trying to keep busy as possible creating art. I'm also currently accepting custom commissions.

and now...7 "Quick fire" questions:

1. What is your fullname and/or nickname?
Robert Ingellis

2. Where were you where born?
Fresh Meadows, NY

3. Who taught you the most in life?
Definitely not the new york public school system!

4. Who is your current favorite band?
Coheed & Cambria , The Number Twelve Looks Like You

5. What's your favorite movie?
Pan's Labyrinth

6. What's your favorite food?

7. Who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas?

Rob Ingellis aka OsirisOrion
http://osirisorion.weebly.com ( home page)
http://osirisorion.blogspot.com ( blog )
http://osirisorion.deviantart.com ( deviant art page)


The Kaiser Chief said...

Nice work! Definitely dig the unique style. Structure and beauty out of the chaos of a scribble. Good stuff. :)

Unknown said...

thanks so much Xopher ^_^