Candymon Day:1
Well I guess the cat is out of the bag...a little bit...still different variations to follow. From MAD: "These are just a few of a new series of hand painted 10" Mad*l customs. There's 5 different characters in 7 different color combo's".

Candymon Day:2

The second instalation of the "Candymon" customs is looking good. I actually prefer this design better than the first, I will be interesting to see what other creatures lurk around the corner!

Candymon Day:3
The third installation of the "Candymon" customs is looking tired. I really like the one eye design, and that blue one in front with the scar is awesome!

Candymon Day:4

The fourth installation of the "Candymon" customs are looking wide awake. This series looks cracked out...maybe too much candy?

Candymon Day:5

The fifth installation of the "Candymon" customs are looking fierce. I think out of all the colors of all these series, I am partial to the black and yellow...crossing my fingers!

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