Thursday, January 9, 2014

CE goes Star Wars!!!

The folks behind the Thailand based CE figure have just landed a new local client, BoonLuan Studio, and they are a group of local designers who always work as a behind the scene designer team in entertainment industry in Thailand and Laos. They love local retro design and movies, especially Sci-Fi movies. They used the CE Toy platform to produced their first special edition Fan Art series inspired by their favorite movie... Star Wars, and they created a limited edition run of just 100 units.
Their first series includes 2 toys, black and white as you may seen in the above photos... both of the backer cards are designed from local movie posters which were used to promote 2 editions of Star Wars movies in Thailand. It's pretty cool that the heads roll/rotate to reveal other faces. If you are interested in purchasing these, check out the Star Wars Thailand Fanclub Facebook HERE for details.