Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Greasebat Gummi "Rice Grain" edition... now that's tiny!

 photo 1231487_575937962462598_1039232046_n.jpg
Unbox Industries revealed earlier today that they are working on a small project with Jeff Lamm, and by small I don't mean something not that important... I mean in size! Introducing the Greasebat Gummi "Rice Grain" edition, and no, "Rice Grain" does not imply the colorway, it implies that these figures are the size of rice grain... literally! Now, I don;t really know the purpose of this other than they had some spare material laying around and wanted to see how small their 3D printer could output these figures at... but nonetheless, it's amazing to see! No word on is this is just them having fun with fans, but if it's an actual release, we will let you all know sooner or later... don't sneeze!