Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Devilboy × Lulubell's "Alavaka (The Black 5Five Edition)" revealed with release details!

 photo TB5fullrelease.jpg
"On the 10th of August, they will gather to pray to the dark gods and consume their offering. On a barren outcrop of stone they sat in dark celestial formation facing inward as they chanted their black words and laid waste to an innocent sacrifice. Each figure comes with a black bead mala with 5 red center beads to signify the brotherhood." Did that get your attention?!?! Well, I hope so, and if our teasers for this release didn't get you stoked, then the full reveal of Devils Head Productions exclusive "The Black 5" through Lulubell Toys should! Featuring black vinyl with white paint rub and gold spray accents. The 2 high priests have crazed red crystal eyes, rough sewn headbands and blood splattered mouths, where the remaining 3 have flat black and shimmering black crystal eyes... and yes, each figure comes with their own prayer mat as well. These will retail HERE for $60 each on Saturday, August 10 at 3:33pm - don;t miss out!