Friday, July 5, 2013

Taylored Curiosities's "The Keeper of the Shadows" custom Mini Munny!

While the wonderful artistic world of Taylored Curiosities is typically devoid of anything dark or nightmarish, this fourth entry in her "Morrow Keeper" series is mysterious in its inky blackness. Of course, it is "The Keeper of Shadows," so it would've been strange for this custom 4-inch Mini Munny to not be the color of pitch. Per usual, the sculpting on the Munny looks great and the needle felted 'home' inside the Munny's head is perfect for the included 1.5cm (approx. 0.6-inches tall) resin Morrow figure. And, like a cat on the prowl at night, this piece glows-in-the-dark. This one-of-a-kind top-notch piece will be available today (Friday, July 5th, 2013) in Taylor's online shop… probably around 1PM Pacific time and for £80 (approx. $123), based on past experience.