Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mo Abedin × Resin Mechanics's stunning Mercury statue from Tenacious Toys!

Mercury, the Roman god noted for his incredible speed, was the patron of — among other things — trickery and thieves. Depicted in Dubai artist Mo Abedin's 16-inch tall resin sculpture as a bit of the conquering warrior, he still reveals his mischievous side by clenching a freshly used spray paint can. Produced in the Philippines by Resin Mechanics, each statute is hand-crafted and hand-painted, made to order with a maximum of only 100 copies to ever be made. The U.S. Exclusive for this magnificent work of art is held by Tenacious Toys, who have been allotted only 10 pieces total, which will be available to order on Sunday, July 7th, 2013 at 9AM Pacific time in the Tenacious Toys shop for an estimated $750.