Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ToyKick "Fresh Batch" Charity Auction!!!

The folks over at ToyKick are happy to announce that in anticipation and conjunction with their forthcoming "Fresh Batch" artist Dunny series release on June 15th, they have a charity auction for one of their blindbox'ed (kinda sorta) Dunny's on ebay right now! So, how is this a charity auction you might be asking yourself, well... all proceeds, after ebay and paypal fees, will go directly to help Animal Victims of Hurricane Sandy, awwww! But wait... there is a kicker! That (kinda sorta) statement above meant that as an added bonus of this charity auction, the winner will get to choose their Dunny, essentially making the "bindbox" not so "blind"... and this series includes heavyweight customizes: NikeJerk, Kevin Gosselin, Sekure D, Roar With Lukas, Don P, Gomi, TaskOne, JCRivera, Avatar666, Nerviswr3ck, JFury, DrilOne, and Grimsheep... so you have you chance at picking a rad custom Dunny from one of these fantastic artists. Hit up the auction HERE right now.