Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super7's ReAction Figures: Ridley Scott's Alien "Discovered Sales Samples" 2 Packs!

As we've previously unveiled, Super7 tracked down the original 1979 prototypes for the 3¾" scale action figures based on the iconic Ridley Scott film Alien and have arranged to officially release them under the new ReAction Figures line. But, just announced, Super7 have produced a limited number of unpainted “test shot” blue plastic pieces of two of the figures to issue as faux 1979’s Toy Fair "Discovered Sales Samples." These 2 packs, containing the Alien (aka The Big Chap) and Kane in Nostromo Suit, each are marked as “cancelled” on the packaging and include a letter to the sales staff regarding the line not coming out in 1979! What a fun little way to launch this sure to be classic series. These "Discovered Sales Samples" 2 Packs will be available at Super7's San Diego Comic-Con Booth #5245 for $40 each.