Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kronk x Pobber Toys - #BADASSTOY teaser!!!

 photo Bad-Ass-Tease-01-kronk-pobber-spankystokes.jpg
Last week, we posted up a simple flyer HERE, teasing at an upcoming release from Pobber Toys as they have teamed up with South African artist Kronk to create what they are calling the "BadAss"!!! Well, today we get an actual glimpse of what this figure could be, as well as a cool challenge that Pobber Toys is holding over on their Facebook! So... I gotta be honest with you all... I have seen this figure, and it is Bad Ass... no joke, and I will safely say that you are all in for a serious treat once we are able so show off this new figure in its entirety... but until then, all you get is this teaser... but get ready folks!!!

 photo badass1024x768.jpg
So, what's the story with the Facebook challenge you may be asking?!?! It's the #BADASSTOY Challenge! Here's the deal. Do you want to see Bad Ass revealed in full? Well, For every 30 new fans, a new photo of Bad Ass will be uploaded to the Pobber Toys Facebook page HERE. The challenge will end with the sixth and final photo to be released on Monday. So... I don't know what you are all waiting for, head on over HERE now to LIKE them so more photos are revealed!