Monday, June 17, 2013

Jermaine Rogers's "Creeping" Dero... revealed!

 photo jermainerogers-jryu-spankystokes-derro.jpg
It appears that we were correct once again with our assumption of Jermaine Rogers working in cahoots with J★RYU for his latest figure release, titled "Creeping"! This is Jermaine's new resin piece, which will be made available for the first time THIS WEEK at the opening of his show, 'Comfort For The Desperate Children', which is going down Saturday evening, June 22nd at the SCION AV Installation space. This sculpt, masterfully crafted by J★RYU measures an ample 10" x 5"... and above is the regular colorway. There are 2 variants which will be revealed later, one of them is the upcoming SDCC 2013 exclusive. The figure turned out awesome, and it's rad to see Jermaine getting back into the designer toy game with his super popular Dero character.