Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anthony Ausgang x Munky King - "Bomb Cat" SDCC 2013 exclusive

 photo munkyking-bomb-cat-spankystokes-sdcc2013.jpg
Created originally as an edition of 100 pieces a few years ago, artist Anthony Ausgang took his "Bomb Cat" figure and created a now SOLD OUT art multiple... until now! Munky King just announced that they have teamed up with Anthony to re-release this figure as an SDCC 2013 exclusive which will be sold in special boxes designed for the convention. Sporting an all black, very sleek look, along with an added chain and wick accessory... this figure, sculpted by Dave Pressler, this is going to be an exclusive that is very sought after! There is no word on a quantity or a price just yet, but we will keep you in the loop once we get more info!