Monday, March 25, 2013

Free Goodie Friday 3/22/13 on SpankyStokes - Win a Dynamite Rex vinyl prize pack!

 photo DRex-prize-pack.jpg
This week sure did drag on, but that's cool because 1 week from today is WonderCon 2013, not to mention it's Friday, and if you visit SS.com on a regular basis you know that means only one thing... FREE GOODIE FRIDAY - awwwww yeah, so let's give some stuff away!!! Soooo, seeing as we mentioned WonderCon above, it seems only fitting to give you all a crack at something that is releasing there... that's right, we teamed up with the great folks over at Dynamite Rex as they are going to offer up 3 Prize Packs that will include: 1 DIY 6" vinyl Blank, 1 Scott Tolleson designed Raaar! T-shirt, and a Dynamite Rex Tote... yup 3 prize packs total. 3 winners. 3 amazing prizes!!!
 photo Raaar-DIY-back.jpg
This DIY vinyl Raaar! (that you see above) will release next week at WonderCon for the very first time. It will retail for just $25 and can be found at the Dynamite Rex booth #977... a really cool figure! So I bet you are wondering, how do I enter... well let's get down to it, keep reading...
1. First up, give Dynamite Rex a follow and Twitter HERE... while you are at it, give SpankyStokes.com a follow HERE... then send out this tweet "I just entered to win an amazing @DynamiteRex vinyl prize pack - Go to http://bit.ly/1tOrAy and enter now! #SSREX" You can just copy and paste the above quoted text, without the quotes of course, and make sure that it includes the #SSREX tag as that is how we track you :-).
2. Next, head on over to the Dynamite Rex Facebook page HERE, and 'LIKE' them, and then do the same for the SpankyStokes page HERE!
3. Finally, just leave a comment in this post telling the folks over at Dynamite Rex which artist you would like to see a production run of on their