Saturday, March 2, 2013

Frank Kozik announces "Resin Day!" Heathrows to be released!

Frank Kozik has proclaimed Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 as "Resin Day" — which simply means he's planning to release resin figures on that day, though we hope the concept of a National Resin Day might catch on… Kozik will be releasing at least two resin editions on Resin Day, the previously announced "Redrum" will be joined by "Blueberry Swirl" 6-inch Heathrow the Hedgehogs. Each edition will be limited to a mere 13 copies, with Redrum (complete with axe addition) costing $120 apiece and Blueberry Swirl going for $100 each. While there is no official announcement of the release time on March 6th, we're assuming — based on past experience — that it will be around 12 Noon Pacific time.

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