Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fatcaps, what?!?! Hoakser's "Vandalface" figures are HERE!

Hoakser's previously announced "Vandalface" resin figures have arrived! Each 2-inch tall piece has a slouching kid body that has been cast in resin and a head that is an actual spray can fatcap… and these nozzles remain articulated on the base even! The initial release of these guys includes a limited gold edition, a limited pink edition, and even a blind box series of one-offs! And, were that not enough, the first few versions come with a free CHOCOLATE EDITION, made in a food grade silicone mold filled with 70% dark chocolate and raspberry pieces! These first waves of Vandalface are available now in Hoakser's online shop for only £6 (approx. $9) each!