Friday, March 1, 2013

Don P tackle's Huck Gee's Post-Apocalypse Dunnys… Again!

We figured that the new Huck Gee designs for his Post-Apocalypse Dunny series would inspire customizers with the new sculpts, so it was great to see Don P come out swinging with them immediately (more HERE). And now he's back for more! Continuing his fictional saga on the planet Rabbitea, we have the "One Eyed Mecha Rabbit" which has been resculpted from the original mecha design and now includes a sweet eyepatch & machine gun accessories.
But what good would the above pictured "One Eyed Mecha Rabbit," obviously a veteran fighter, be without elite troops to back him up? Enter the "Destroyer," pictured below, which is ready to defend Rabbitea against all alien threats! Also a heavily modified mecha Dunny, this pair are fantastically executed and set the bar for Post-Apocalypse customs fairly high immediately.