Monday, March 25, 2013

Chauskoskis's "Birro the Clown" AP Dunny with extras!!!

The now infamous "Birro the Clown" Dunny, which was a stand-alone limited edition release by Kidrobot, took the initial Most Wanted design of Walter "Chauskoskis" Jacott and beautifully translated it into a production piece. But since the 1000 copy run sold out so quickly, many people have been scrambling to get one ever since… and they've also been wondering if an Artist Proof (AP) version would ever drop. Teased by Jacott, the above pictured piece is indeed his AP of Birro…While these is no set release date or price point yet, it is obvious that this version comes complete with the original design's mallet accessory and an extra in the form a chimp friend to hold his booze for him!!! Yes, indeed! Want to know what the drunken bastard's buddy looks like? Well, here's a clue: