Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Mr. Bunny's Photo Lab" - a new iDevice photo app from Joe Ledbetter!!!

With the recent emergence of all these cool photo manipulation cell phone applications in the designer toy scene, it seems only fitting if you have a strong character base and design, it's almost a shoe in to create one... and Joe Ledbetter did just that! Introducing "Mr. Bunny's Photo Lab", a brand new iDevice application that currently has over 220 different elements designed by Joe... how cool is that!

Whatever fun, twisted, or fantastic scenario you create can be shared on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter instantly. Mr. Bunny's Photolab comes loaded with characters and objects to play with, but there's loads more add-ons in the Holiday, Adventure and School Daze sets.... and I am sure add-ons will be available in the near future. Head on over to the official site HERE for more info... we all look forward to seeing what Ledbetter inspired landscapes you create!