Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grody Shogun x Ferg - Young Gohst "Cap Gun" retail edition!!!

Check this out... have you been fending for that next vinyl fix... well a little nugget of info for you all...  and more specifically, if you a fan of the work that Ferg does, this is for you as he just sent over some info about the next Young Gohst release from Grody Shogun!

Dubbed the Young Gohst "Cap Gun" version, these awesome looking 3" tall flat black and bright orange vinyl figures will be available to retailers soon and distributed by DKE Toys... awwwwww yeah!!! So simple, so clean, and you just gotta love that color contrast! These are going to retail for around $35 a pop... a great price for a great figure. Be sure to hit up your local shop to demand these!