Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ted Terranova's "Rivet Wars: Eastern Front" Board Game on Kickstarter!!!

As many of you probably know, I'm quite the fan of Ted Terranova's Rivet Wars series. So imagine my delight when Tru:Tek (from Man-E-Toys) alerted me that Terranova had started a Kickstarter campaign to create a Rivet Wars board game! Included within are quite a few of the "new" designs he (and we) have been teasing for a while now, which makes this even more exciting. With a variety of pledge levels, the base game will run you $90… though I strongly suggest you splurge and grab the $150 "Blitzkrieg" version of the game, since they are promising the most stretch goal bonuses for that level. Oh, and did I mention that he WAY exceeded his goal within the first 24 hours? With almost a full month left, those stretch goal bonuses should be amazing. So head on over to his Kickstarter campaign page and secure yourself this not-so-little piece of pure fun!

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