Friday, December 14, 2012

Paul Kaiju's "King Jinx" makes the jump from resin to vinyl!

After debuting in a strictly resin format, Paul Kaiju's "King Jinx" design hasn't been spotted much in 2012… until now! The above is a fresh sculpt of the figure that Kaiju has created so that the design can make the transition from resin to Japanese vinyl. Due to be released in 2013 as soft, luscious sofubi, for those that aren't familiar with "King Jinx," it is a sea "port defense system created by the 'original' early humans. Atlantean magno-nano awoken, and run amok!" In order to effectively undertake it's job, "King Jinx" does have powers (which are outlined below) and I'm curious to see if that "Flash Eye" gets transitioned into the vinyl form.