Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sam Fout's "Archangel" Dunny... revealed!!!

The reveals keep coming as we just stumbled across a photo (thanks to doctorhazmat) of Sam Fout's submission for the upcoming Kidrobot "Apocolypse" Dunny blind-box series... and as you can see, this design is looking pretty fresh! That devious grin, those clean vector lines, and how about those smokey clear wings... very cool... and I love that it has a very "Archangel" feel, very fitting for the series theme! This series is looking really great, and from all the buzz I have been reading and hearing around the net, it really appears to be one of Kidrobot's best! This design joins the previously revealed pieces from Huck Gee, Greg Mishka, Jesse Hernandez, Hydro 74, Kronk, and Ron English & Chris Ryniak. So far, I am really liking this series... what about all of you?