Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to turn an Apple into a Bong… the vinyl toy method

There's that classic moment in stoner films and TV shows when someone makes a bong out of something unexpected… and the most known example is turning an apple into a hash pipe. Probably because it is taking something widely regarded as completely American & repurposing towards something illicit. Well, that's what Ian Ziobrowski did with his Bad Applez piece, "The Green Apple":

Created for the Bad Applez Inc. online group show we previously discussed, Ziobrowski's wonderful contribution is not only a skillful piece of craftsmanship and perfect painting but also a wonderful nod to all the marijuana enthusiasts out there. When last we checked, this wonderful sculpture was still available for a mere $150 HERE.

Oh… And I think, by law, we have to tell you that this piece is intended for use as art only.