Friday, February 17, 2012

Decommissioned: A DrilOne x Cris Rose Project… rusty sprogs forthcoming

So we love Cris Rose; who wouldn't, the man hand-casts amazing robots called Sprogs that any sane person would want to own. And we love DrilOne; because we're not stupid and even an idiot can see that man's talent at making amazingly stressed & rustified customs. So you tell me that the two are collaborating together on a project called "Decommissioned" and my heart flutters. But what is it? The two are being tight-lipped until the official announcement this weekend, but I'm thinking it has to do with this:

The above image comes from DrilOne's Flickr feed and he posted it to his Twitter with the message: "Hands are starting to rust @crisr." So he tags Cris Rose in the comment and, why yes, those are a horde of Sprogs that DrilOne is working on. I'm sure the more details we get, the more excited we'll be… I just know you can already sign me up for one of those bad boys!