Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Bernie Cotton" the Nosellot plush by Scott Tolleson

Just when you thought we were done talking about plush for the day, artist Scott Tolleson has just announced the official release of his new plush figure from the Nosellots line, "Bernie Cotton"! Bernie is the second plush released from Scott Tolleson and Screaming Sky Gallery, and just like with his last release he called upon EPIC cosplay model Linda Le to pose with this new plush, and it's obvious from the above photo that they are helping her study for an upcoming exam. He is 13” tall and is made from heavy fleece material. The green version will be available at your local designer toy store, while the pink Bernie is available only through Screaming Sky Gallery HERE for just $25. These plush figures are so great, and Scott plans on releasing so many more in his Nosellots line... in fact, up next is "Francis", so stay tuned!

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