Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Salvatore and George" from Invisible Creature

So not only do the folks over at Invisible Creature have their own figure now with Super7 being Leroy C., but they have also recently teamed up with Super7 once again to produce and bring "Salvatore and George" to life. These two characters are the lovable mascots for Sasquatch! Music Festival’s 10 year anniversary. Salvatore stands 4″ tall while George packs a TON of detail into an impressive 2″. The two characters come as a set and will be available in person (along with a few limited-edition prints) on May 19th at Velocity Art & Design in Seattle. now I am not one to normally point out similarities in artists styles, but these two characters are just screaming Pete Fowler to me... which is a GOOD thing. Loving this style and what a cool little duo!

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