Thursday, May 19, 2011

James G. Cooper's "BB" resin figure

It's interesting how the designer toy field works... or functions should I say... sometimes you don't hear about a figure, or an artist for that matter until the reveal of the figure, and that is totally the case with James G. Cooper as he just revealed to us a new resin toy titled "BB" which stands for Ballerina Bear. BB is a musical creature from James' world of characters known as, “The Light Bulbs”... more on that at a later date, but James tells us that the figure was conceptualized during the time of his wife’s pregnancy and is dedicated to his daughter LiBBy... see the BB in the name :-) This figure is part bear and part tree which was sculpted by Aiyana Udesen, and was cast by Motorbot's Dead Bear Studios. The first release will bee very limited... 15 pieces to be exact and will be the "Mono Marbled Resin" you see above. This 6" tall figure and will drop this Friday, May 20th 2011, at 12pm PST HERE for $45!