Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prototype of Oddling's" Clockwork Assassin"

Patch Together has been really stepping up and making artists dreams a reality... this being the case for US artist Dave Montes aka Oddling, as we are getting the first look at his prototype of his figure he is calling "CLOCKWORK ASSASSIN", who won the Patch together March challenge called "Cute Animal Warriors". Press from the site "The Clockwork Assassin is a red panda. Adorable. Until you receive a message pinned to your doorway by a razor sharp cog. The message tells you the exact day and time you'll be swiftly erased. The clock ticks down to your last breath, which is snatched from your lungs right on time - down to the exact second predicted by your killer." It is a cool figure, and I really do like the giant sword attached to the back as well as the little details down to the stop-watch in his right hand, really great character, and dope sculpt!

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