Thursday, February 4, 2010

*UPDATE* Weird Monster hand of S"K"UM-kun from ZacPac full colorways revealed!!!

Remember the posting HERE just a lil while back now about ZacPac "Weird monster hand of S"K"UM-kun", and how there were going to be 4 colorways... well above are the 4! The first being the full color which will retail for around $220, these will all be hand painted by Knuckle!! Then there is going to be Ivory, Red, and Black all for around $90.

The hand painted full color version is done in an homage to Jim Philips's classic Screaming Hand (color, shape) and the band Suicidal Tendencies (bandana). The release date is February 6th at their store in Daikanyama... but they will also be available in their web store HERE on February 8th at noon, and if interested send e-mail to request@zacpac.ne.jp