Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Snowballer" Dropcloth from ThreeA Toys

ThreeA Toys just posted up their last teaser (I Think) of their awesome Dropcloth figure, which is set to release on January 28th. Keep in mind these are being released as a 4-pack and a 6-pack, where the 4-Pack will retail for $320, and the 6-Pack for $450 which is a 3AA exclusive and comes with new 1/6 Square with packs! This version titled "Snowballer" looks really cool, I am really into the whole arctic attack look and would love to have everyone of these in my collection, which reminds me, I am looking for a sugar momma (or daddy for that matter) to buy these for me :-), if you want to see the previous versions CLICK HERE.