Saturday, July 26, 2008


What can I say about October Toys...these guys are so cool!!! I love Gwins, and I love the Zombies that were made. They are always so nice to talk to...and just a lil fyi...Matt is not a "Negative Nancy" all the time, even though he puts up a tough front, he is a big teddy bear, and if you get a chance to meet him, ask him if he wants a hug(hehehe)! For real though, these guys are what the whole vinyl scene is about for me, they give their honest opinions on their webcast "Toybreak", and they try to make toys reasonable for all levels of collectors, and they are all around, good, genuine people!

Please if you get a chance to see them at SDCC, stop by and say hi, they are at booth #4838!

Most pictures taken by Chris Henderson, and all the rest were taken by John"Spanky"Stokes unless otherwise noted.

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  1. You know, somebody stole that set of Z.O.M.B.I.E.s with our faces on it! People come on! We're busting our asses out here to bring you cool toys and you steal our shit?! On a happier note, thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello again! It was great to see you at the show and thanks for showing us what we missed while we were working! Spanky Stokes rocks!