Did Lisa Rae Hansen Remake FrankenFactory's "WolfGirl" Using YOii × Wetworks's "Kidzilla"?!?

The answer to the title's question is: "Of course not, Little Red Riding Hood was around long before FrankenFactory's 'WolfGirl' design." Lisa Rae Hansen's pictured version is built on the "Kidzilla" resin work by YOii & Wetworks, and Hansen's "Wolf" creation does carry a lot of the aesthetic elements that made "WolfGirl" so popular and memorable: delicate looking legs holding aloft a larger top-half, massive eyes creating windows into the soul, and — of course — Little Red Riding Hood herself adorning the pelt of the wolf. Perhaps a homage, perhaps an unintended similarity, either way doesn't matter… What does matter is that Hansen's one-off creation for Martian Toys's NYCC Booth #214 is a stunning hit. And whoever takes it home is one lucky collector.

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