Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slobot's mixed media Robot sculpture with Pollen Kaiser head for Paul Kaiju × Toy Art Gallery Show!

When Mike Slobot, known for making his robotic Slobot sculptures, was asked to participate in Toy Art Gallery's previously announced fourth custom anniversary show, did he say "No thanks, I don't do customs?" Nope, not at all. He said, I'm guessing: "Sure, I'll figure out a way to creatively make it work!" And that he did. Pictured above is "Demon Hunter," a 16 × 16 × 8 inch mixed media sculpture that brandishes a bloody blade in one hand and 10-inch tall "Pollen Kaiser" figure's head on a pike on the other. All the artists in this show are customizing the PaulKaiju designed piece of Japanese vinyl (sofubi), but something tells me that Slobots will especially stand out for its uniqueness.
TAG's "Anniversary Custom Show IV," a Pollen Kaiser-centric group exhibition, will open on Saturday, September 14th with a reception from 7-10PM and be on display until October 31st, 2013 at Toy Art Gallery, 7571 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90046.
Participating artists include: Aeron Alfrey, Ardabus Rubber, Bert Gatchalian, BLObPUS, Bob Conge/PlaSeeBo, Brent Nolasco, Brian Flynn, Buff Monster, Butcherbrand, Carson Catlin, Chauskoskis, D-LuX, DrilOne, EckotypeR, Frank Kozik, Frenzy Bros., Germs, Grody Shogun, Guf from Tattoo Royal, Guumon, Hanawa, Hellopike, Hints & Spices (Shane Haddy), Ian Ziobrowski, John "Spanky" Stokes, Josh Herbolsheimer, Josh Mayhem, Kenth Toy Works, Leecifer, LiLJAPAN, Martin Ontiveros, Obscure, MechaVirus, Michael Nordstrom, Michael Pro, Mike Slobot, Monstrehero, Motorbot, Munktiki, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Nebulon 5, Oliver Hibert, Paul Kaiju, Rafael Pantoja Rico, Rampage Toys, Savage Freaks, Scott Tolleson, Shirahama, Siccaluna, Skull Toys, Sunguts, Takahiro Komuro, Tim Clarke, Uky DayDreamer, valleyDweller, Vaporface, Velocitron, Yamomark, and Zieromuko.