Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jesse Hernandez’s Jaguar Knight – “Peyote” and “Jungle” edition exclusives to BAIT at SDCC 2013!!!

 photo jessehernandez-peyote-jungle-bait-sdcc2013-spankystokes.jpg
BAIT’s SDCC booth will feature two exclusive versions of the Jaguar Knight figure by artist Jesse Hernandez. The ancient Aztec warrior stands at nearly 12 inches tall with seven points of articulation, wielding its signature macuahuitl and shield in preparation for battle. The "Peyote” edition is painted in a black, red, and yellow color scheme and is limited to 85 units, where the “Jungle" edition features a vibrant neon green paint job and is more limited – to just 35 pieces. Both will retail for $120 and can be found at booth #4632