Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Warui Inu "African Fetish" edition from Kaiju Coup

 photo warui_inu_fetish_ed_b.jpg
Kaiju Coup is back with the very mysterious, and hard to come by Warui Inu figure... and this go around he reveals to us the all new "African Fetish" edition! The Fetish US edition is 6 1/2" tall, cast in a marbled green and olive sofubi and each figure has a unique collection of authentic vintage African beads, amulet's and talismans collected from Africa in the 1960's. No two are alike. There will be 6 pieces offered up at $220 a pop, and if you are interested you can enter the lottery for a chance to purchase one. To enter the lottery send your NAME, ADDRESS, and EMAIL address to: kaijucoup@gmail.com - ENTRY DEADLINE is Monday JUNE 24th, and after that date, if you are picked, you will be contacted directly to arrange payment.