Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SHOVE IT! Skatepark exhibition and fundraiser

 photo skateboards.jpg
Looking for that next Kickstarter to fund... I have the perfect one for you!!! SHOVE IT! An art exhibition unlike any other. Combining skate culture with paper toys, has reached out to a staggering amount of artists to create the IT exhibition in the midwest for 2013. Boasting a roster of over 30 artists, representing 12 countries and 5 continents, SHOVE IT! features a customized skate deck and paper toy combo from each participating artist. The skate deck is, just that, the paper toy is the Baykid, the namesake of it's creator, Baykiddead. Opening night is June 7th at the Polk County Heritage Gallery in downtown Des Moines. The exhibition will feature the deck/toy combo as well as some of the original works that inspired the decks, skate photography, and a display, highlighting the history of the paper toy represented by some of the genre's cornerstones including: Sjors Trimbach, Dolly Oblong, Horrorwood, Marko Zubak, Nick Knite, Tougui, Harlancore, Matacho Descorp, Überkraaft, Hydro74, Chuch U, and Phidias Gold as well as many others. So where do you come in??? These guys are trying to cover their costs for running this awesome event, so they launched a Kickstarter page thata has a ton of different tiers, with some seriously amazing rewards... so head on over HERE now, donate some money, and get something dope in return!

Source [Shove It! Press]