Monday, March 25, 2013

Shane Jessup x De Korner - WonderCon 2013 exclusive "Yellow" Android print release.

 photo shanejessup-Android-dekorner-wondercon.jpg
Have you been waiting to get your 'Lucky Cat' Androids... well, good for you... and perfect timing if you are planning to attend WonderCon 2013 as De Korner just announced yet another release and signing with Shane Jessup, designer of the recently released Lucky Cat Android series. Shane will be signing on Sunday from 12pm-1pm at booth #1179 where you can pick up an exclusive De Korner print for $25 which comes with the matching yellow Android! Or... if you buy 3 or more Androids at the booth, you get the print for FREE. Subject to availability of course as these prints are limited to only 50 pieces worldwide!