Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New self-produced vinyl figure from Buff Monster!

 photo BuffMonster-Sculpt-SpankyStokes.jpg
Hey all you Buff Monster fans, it's time to gear up for another rad figure... and this go around, it's completely, 100%, under his control! Now I say this because most of the time, artists team up with companies to produce figures, well... Buff is taking this new project into his own hands and is producing it himself... and above you can see the a cool photo of the prototype sculpt for one of his 'Melty Misfit' figures. Sculpted by Kate Chilko (NYC), this figure stands about 2.5-3" tall... Buff mentions "I worked very closely with Kate to get him looking exactly how I wanted him, It'll be made in Japan and will hopefully be out before or during SDCC this year." So cool to see Buff expand on this ever growing universe of characters, and according to Buff.. this is just the tip of the iceberg!